The Social Map To Where?

Earlier today, Loic Le Meur posted a visual interpretation of some of the most hyped technologies/buzz words, arguing that after flirting with all sorts of social web services, it is time to re-centralize. Oy!


The visual map created by Loic is actually quite enlightening: barring services that are repositories of my memories – Flickr (photos), YouTube (videos), GMail (messages), and some blogging tool (thoughts) – there is nothing in that list that I would miss if it went away. [Add Facebook to that list, because it kind of does bring all these various services together, in a simple-sort-of-a-way.]

Infact most of them I can live without even now. My social-professional-personal life would not be impacted a bit.Am I alone in thinking along these lines? Or there are others who fell exactly the same way? Chime in!

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