Blinkx Launches Yet Another Online TV Service

After Joost, Babelgum, iPlayer, Livestation, Vuze et al comes yet another online TV platform. Web video search index Blinkx is branching farther out in to distribution by launching its own version – hybrid P2P player Blinkx Broadband TV (BBTV). Its only content partners at launch are said to be film distributor Dogwoof and ubiquitous news provider ITN, though the repertoire this morning consisted of short cartoons, all on-demand.

Blinkx says BBTV (which, incidentally, also stands for BoingBoing TV) harnesses Blinkx’s core speech recognition video transcription technology to offer searchability and clickable subtitles that point to web pages in a manner tightly integrated with the 1.8Mb Windows-only TV app. If the world really needs another P2P TV app, then it may be because of this snazzy-sounding feature – but it’s something that didn’t seem to work during my test.