Todoz: Another Take on Management by Web

ScreenshotThere are a lot of sites that offer the ability to manage some part of your working life on the web – we’ve reviewed plenty of them in the past. Todoz is one that stands out from the pack as offering a different mix of features than most of its peers. Billing itself as an “online collaboration suite for the professional,” it’s less about Basecamp-style project management and more about offering one-stop shopping for a small business looking to maintain and manage a web presence.

After setting up a Todoz site (which appears as a subdomain of, you can explore its functionality. You’ll find a mix of day-to-day business functionality and web management. On the business side, Todoz has a to-do list and calendar manager, a contacts database (not really a full-blown CRM), and file storage with SFTP access. You can also send and receive email from the Todoz interface, and this is integrated with the other modules (for example, you can forward a to-do via email).

But you’ll also find several modules designed to get you a web presence quickly. You can create and manage a blog via Todoz, or set up an entire web site (they have a template-based page builder with WYSIWYG editing built in, making them a content management system), or build an online store (also built in here). You’ll also find support for photo albums and RSS feeds. So a small business looking to get on to the web, without learning a whole lot of tools, has plenty of options here.

Todoz has apparently concentrated on functionality rather than this year’s look – indeed, it has a certain dated look, as if the developers aren’t real concerned with flashy page design (you can, however, choose from a number of templates for your own pages). It’s also missing some functionality I’d expect to find, like a project-management module. But if you want to minimize the number of applications you need to use, it’s worth a look. After the free test drive, pricing starts at $29.95 per month.