Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium gets the HSDPA upgrade

Samsungq1uphsdpaNope, not my Q1UP; integrated WWAN connectivity is not conducive to my lifestyle because I use multiple machines on a daily basis. Stephen cracked open his Q1UP and saw the same thing I did when I opened mine for the 2 GB RAM upgrade: an open and easily accessible mini-PCI Express interface and a SIM card slot. You don’t need to remove the top motherboard to get at these; just crack carefully open your device and you’ll see both. He popped in an active SIM and Sierra Wireless HSDPA card and is now rockin’ and rollin’ with speeds around 1.8 Mbps down and 350 kbps back up.Even if you’re not interested in this particular upgrade, I recommend his story regardless. He shares his thoughts on the device’s performance and the overall experience, which he can compare to the Q1 Ultra that he owned prior. Much of what he says echoes my own experiences so far, which are very positive.