HP announces Upline- data storage in the cloud

Hp_uplineIt seems like every day we hear of another upstart company offering data storage and offline backup to keep your data safe in the cloud.  A press release today points to another new service but this is from no upstart company as it is offered by none other than HP.  Upline is HP’s new service for consumers and small businesses that provides data backup, remote access and file sharing but the big news is that for a limited time only HP will give new users a one year subscription for free.  From the HP press release:

With HP Upline, customer data is automatically backed upon a user-determined interval to multiple online servers using the latest encryptiontechnology. The service also helps small and medium business customers increaseproductivity by connecting them to their data and allowing them to do more withit – from more convenient document collaboration with colleagues to remotelyaccessing data when traveling or at a customer site over an Internetconnection.

HP Upline usershave access to a variety of tools, including:

· File sharing and remote access – share files ofany size by emailing a password protected and time-limited link rather than anattachment.

· Remote access – enjoy greater productivity onthe go with the ability to open, edit, share and publish files from anyInternet-connected PC using a secured log-in and password.

· File publishing – publicly share data by easilygenerating a URL to publish content to a website or blog; automatically refreshfiles published to multiple locations to keep public data current.

· Local archiving – create archive copies of filesthat can be saved to a CD, DVD, NAS, USB drive or a second partition on a harddrive.

· Data migration – easily migrate files to anew PC.

· Multi-user dashboard – easily set up, manage andtrack the usage of employee accounts within a small business.

The free one year subscription has an unspecified amount of limited online storage but Upline offers three subscription plans of increasing storage capacities.  You can find more information at the HP Upline web site.