Flickr Adds (Short) Video

Flickr fanatics can now upload and share video alongside their photos, but those clips will have to be short. The long-awaited Flickr video feature isn’t intended to be a YouTube (or even a Yahoo Video) killer, instead, Flickr is trying to make its video offering an extension of its photo experience with an emphasis on short clips taken with digital still cameras.

Only Flickr pro members can upload video (Pro membership costs $25 a year), but any public video is viewable by anyone. Videos are limited to 90 seconds in length and 150MB maximum file size. Which doesn’t sound like much, but for the type of service Flickr wants to offer, should be plenty.

The service also lets you upload directly from your digital camera, and treats videos the same way as it does photos, letting you tag, geotag and search.

Of course, this is the third video-related product Yahoo has released in as many months. It re-launched Yahoo Video in February, launched Yahoo Live in March, and now has Flickr video. And don’t even get me started if it gets bought by Microsoft with all of its own video endeavours.

It’s easy to say that the company’s chaotic, siloed approach to web video is emblematic of why the company is a hostile takeover target. But Flickr has always seemed like the smart kid in a dumb family. It stays on mission, has a clean interface and a loyal fan base. This move is a natural extension for the service.

Limiting the uploads to members and placing a cap on the time limit will help with bandwidth costs while reducing the amount of dreck users have to sift through.