How to view two OneNote notebooks side-by-side

Can’t say that I’ve ever needed to do this, but I can see why some folks might want to view two sections in OneNote side-by-side. It’s actually quite easy and Dan Escapa’s method can be applied to many apps in Microsoft Windows.1. Just click “Window” in the menu and choose “New Window” or CTRL+M; your choice. This will open up OneNote in a second window.2. In your Windows Taskbar, CTRL-click both active OneNote Windows to select them.3. Right-click on one of the OneNote selections in the Taskbar and in the pop-up menu, choose “Show Windows Side by Side”Clip_image0016Now you’ll have both OneNote sections sharing an equal portion of the screen so you can cross-check facts, update older notes, or whatever. Steps 2 and 3 above can be applied to any active windows by the way: you always have the option to show active windows side-by-side with this approach.