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Clear Skies in India: Clear Skies Solar says it’s signed a $20 million letter of agreement with Indian company Power Cube to develop solar systems in India — release, Cleantech Media.

Congress in Crucial Period of Energy Talks: “This is one of the most crucial periods for energy policy in the history of this nation,” US House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John D. Dingell (D-Mich.) says at EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook conference — PennEnergy.

LA Times Slashes Electric Vehicle Startups Tires: Electric vehicle startups have had a lot of issues getting their cars to market. The LA Times lists all the problems, putting a spotlight on industry concerns. LA Times.

Biofuels Breakthroughs?: UMass’ George Huber and his grad students say they’re the first to do a direct conversion of plant cellulose into gasoline components. While U of Wisconsin-Madison’s James Dumesic talks about a way to make jet fuel components using biomass. — ScienceDaily.

U.S. Carbon Footprint in High-Res: The Vulcan Project plots the carbon emissions of America per 100-square-kilometer chunks – Wired.