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Alaskan Village Suing Big Businesses Over Global Warming: The residents of the Inupiat village of Kivalina are suing large oil companies, electric utilities, and a coal company alleging the companies’ actions have destroyed the village, located on a precarious barrier reef – ClaimeIntel.

Contraction & Convergence to Limit Per Capita Emissions: While both the U.S. and China refuse to budge on emissions controls, Britain has put forward a new idea to limit emissions per capita, allowing rich nations to slowly reduce while developing states can continue to grow to a point – International Herald Tribune.

Battery Maker Axion Gets Another $4M: Axion, the maker of a next-gen lead acid battery, raised $4 million in closing the second tranche of funding from The Quercus Trust – The Earth Times.

Self-Digesting Corn Stover: Researchers at Michigan State are working on splicing in enzyme-producing genes into corn so that the non-food bits will break themselves down, making cellulosic ethanol production easier – Gas 2.0.

Bio-Polymers Are Becoming Big Business: Cargill and Dupont are just two industrial giants working on making chemicals and plastics from renewable sources, like corn – New York Times.