How Much Money Does Apple Get From Google?

John Gruber points out something that I must have seen a zillion times and never noticed: The deep integration of Google Search with the Mac OS X. He adds that this contextual menu command and “the search is performed in Safari, regardless whether it’s your preferred browser or not.” Who knew? I wonder how big that “referral revenue” check for Apple is every month?

To put it unscientifically: Apple gets a big fat whopper of a check. Back in June 2007, Gruber had estimated that Apple was bringing in $25 million a year mostly from the search box in the Safari browser. Nine months later, Apple has been on a tear, selling more computers than ever before and has seen an uptick in its market share. In addition, many millions of iPhones have been sold. Mobile Safari Browser generates ton of search traffic, not to mention boosting the map usage. This tight integration between Apple and Google must result in a big exchange of dollars.

What is your best guess? Scientific answers are preferred but I will settle for unscientific best guesses 🙂