Verizon Vs. Time Warner Cable: Who Is Lying Now?

Verizon is suing Time Warner over what amounts to false advertising. Misleading ads, stretching the truth or just massaging the facts — it’s a case of incumbent hilarity taken to a whole new level. An ad from Time Warner Cable suggests that Verizon FiOS is just catching up with them when it comes to the use of fiber. Notice Time Warner Cable didn’t say where the fiber was being used.

As Cynthia Brumfield points out, “Most cable systems push fiber all the way to “the pedestal,” a neighborhood node.” TWC is no different! Verizon got its knickers in a twist by suggesting that you need a satellite dish to get Verizon’s TV. Maybe they have a reason for being upset — but 80 percent of Verizon territory needs a dish to get their TV service.

Broadband Reports points out that Verizon itself isn’t immune from stretching the truth. They have been claiming that CNET called them flawless. Well not exactly, if you read this article. Oops. Verizon is sort of eating humble pie, only because they got nailed. “Time Warner’s ad focuses on pure fiction in what we assume is a lame attempt at humor,” Verizon says. Sure! Turning an article into a great reviews is re-mixing, not fiction.

My message to these incumbents: Instead of spending dollars on attorneys fighting bogus cases, spend the money to build better networks, offer us higher speeds at lower prices and oh while you’re at it, don’t try and snoop on our traffic.