Web Worker Tax Time

It’s that time of year again in the US: Federal income tax returns are due next Tuesday. If you haven’t filed already, it’s time to either burn the midnight oil or file for an automatic extension.

Despite some hope that was on the horizon last year, Congress hasn’t done anything recently to offer tax breaks to telecommuters or web workers. But many of us have home offices, small businesses, and other complicating factors that can make our tax returns a bit of a challenge. Read on for links to some of our past tax coverage that can still help you out as this year’s deadline approaches. If you’re a self-employed web worker, the place to start is with our list of Six Things You Must Know About Self-Employment Taxes. This one will bring you up to speed on everything from estimated taxes to which form to file.

The home office deduction is potentially attractive, but also dangerous. Although most web workers are probably not eligible, we’ve got a guide to walk you through the details.

If you’re in search of deductions, don’t forget mileage. Last year we reviewed BizMile, with its free MapQuest-based service for turning your appointments calendar into a mileage log. They’re still in business, and you can use the 2007 and 2008 versions for free.

And remember – whatever your tax situation, we’re not tax professionals here at WWD (just long-term web workers who have had to learn this stuff out of self-defense). If your situation is overly complex, there’s no substitute for consulting a professional.