Remote Desktop Connection updated: connect to a PC through your Mac

RdpmacMicrosoft updated their Remote Desktop Connection for Mac last week and I’m just getting started with it. I’ve previously used RDP to view and control my MacBook Pro with my Asus Eee PC, but I want to kick the tires of using the Mac to connect to my new UMPC. The one obvious disadvantage of using RDP between any two systems of course, is that both have to be powered on. If you leave a desktop or notebook running while at home however, this could be another free alternative for remote access.Once I get everything set up and working here at the home office, I’ll look into true remote access while on the road between the two devices. For Mac to Mac connections, the “Back to my Mac” feature works well, but it’s mainly an RDP client with a nice face. Quick note: on my Q1UP running Vista Ultimate, I had to enable the Remote Desktop access. The below screenshot illustrates it. By the way: that shot is from my Mac. 😉Remotevistamac(via MacUser)