NTV Moneymaker: Mahalo Daily Host, No Dudes Need Apply

Since Veronica Belmont said “aloha” to her Mahalo Daily podcast, the company wants to say “aloha” to a new host, and it’s looking on YouTube to find one (you see, it works because “aloha” means hello and good-bye…). But sorry guys, only wahines (women) need apply.

Mahalo Idol (ugh) is looking for:

“…a smart, fun, young, charismatic, female host for Mahalo Daily, a variety web series airing Monday through Friday. Potential candidates should be able to think on their feet, be comfortable in front of the camera, have a good sense of humor and be a team player. The casting session will be streamed live on the internet and used in possible episodes.

If you fit the bill and are in L.A. you can attend a live casting call on April 19 at the Mahalo headquarters. According to Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis, the company has already received “hundreds” of applications already.

Not in the city of angels? No problem, the company is accepting submissions via YouTube and will fly in one finalist.

If you’ve been wanting to check out that whole podcasting thing, but enjoy a steady paycheck, polish up that perky personality and apply.

UPDATE: Mahalo got back to us with a reason for their females-only search:

“We’ve got Lon already on as a regular (seen in the video) so wanted a girl to balance out his manliness”

NTV Moneymaker is an irregular feature in which we showcase a way to make a living with your video skills.