Would You Pay $9 to Rent HD on Demand?

Raising the price of HD movies on VOD and releasing them the same day they come out on DVD would be a boon to the industry, according to a new survey from consulting firm Oliver Wyman. The company found that consumers would be willing to spend $7 to $9 for an HD movie on demand if released at the same time as the DVD.

Currently, there’s a window between the initial DVD release date and when films are available on demand. The prices of a standard definition film rental on demand (on Comcast) is $4.99, while HD films are $5.99. Oliver Wyman predicts that raising prices and shutting the release window would get people to watch, on average, three more movies a year, boosting consumer spending by between $5 billion and $10 billion by 2010.

Is it worth it? Would you pay that much for faster access to movies and a better picture? Nine bucks seems a little steep for me, but what do you think? Take our poll and leave a comment.