The Daily Sprout

Boone Pickens Predicts $150 a Barrel Oil: Speaking at Georgetown University, our favorite Texan oil-baron-turned-wind-power-wildcatter T. Boone Pickens said he’s confident oil prices will only climb – Bloomberg.

Which Way Will the Wind Blow?: As wind power grows the unpredictability of the breeze becomes more important. Using weather stations, farm operators are collecting data to create models and predict when the wind will blow to better manage the grid – MIT Technology Review.

SF Solar Incentives Still Stalled: The San Francisco Solar Incentive Rebate Program, which we covered here and here, has been delayed again as city supervisors and the mayor hash out their political differences – SFGate.

Wind Power Market Balloons: Greentech Media concludes their five-post series on small-scale wind with a profile of Magenn Power, a company that makes balloons that float 1,000 feet off the ground and generate 10 kilowatts of power by spinning horizontally – Greentech Media.

20 Most Polluting U.S. Counties: More and more data will surely be coming out of the Vulcan Project, which maps CO2 emission in the U.S. This most recent data shows that the 20 counties that produce the most carbon emissions are spread out all over the country – Science Daily.