LiveJournal Ups Developer Focus From Russia; Mood: Hopeful

Veteran blog host LiveJournal has joined the wave of social media sites trying to win larger audiences by opening a formal developer effort. Launched last night, LJ Labs will usher in APIs and support for Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) OpenSocial application platform and, I’m told, includes some of the first products developed in Moscow since Sup bought LJ from San Francisco’s SixApart in December. Amongst the first fruits – Aqua, an in-house app to visualise posts across LJ, and MoodViews, a graphing adjunct to visualise LJ users’ mood patterns. broadband MD Annelise van den Belt is departing to become Sup general manager LJ started in 1999 and was run under license from the MovableType maker since 2006. A new “gamma” version is under development on the Russian version of the site.