Barely Political Gets Blogging Wrong…Barely

Some of you may have been duped into believing this “news” report from Barely Political — uncovering the harsh conditions under which many bloggers work — was real. Yes, the lack of phones makes it look like a blogging sweatshop (who needs phones when you don’t need to fact check?), but there are a few obvious tip-offs that reveal it’s a fake.

1. There are no shackles, car batteries or electrodes hooked up to those typing. And where is the “pageview pit” for underperformers to get thrown into?

2. No one is in boxer shorts. All seem relatively hygienic.

3. They shy away from the camera, instead of readily posing for it in the hopes of actually getting invited to the next party in the valley.

4. None of them are furiously re-linking to older posts every other word to bump up their SEO traffic.

5. They are in an actual office. Bloggers work from home (it’s easier to dispose of their burnt-out carcasses that way).

Have a great weekend, folks!