For AT&T, U-Verse Is Picking Up Steam

UBS’s John Hodulik, one of the best telecom analysts, has pegged AT&T as his top pick for this earnings seasons and is expecting some good tidings from Ma Bell. What caught my eye in his note this morning was the progress made by AT&T’s IPTV effort, U-Verse. Hodulik says AT&T has added about 135,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2008, up from 105,000 new subs in the fourth quarter of 2007. (It could have had one more subscriber in Stacey, who is waiting for U-Verse to show up in Austin.)

This means the company could add as many as 975,000 more U-Verse subscribers by the end of 2008. If that is the case, then U-Verse will have done much better than company expected for 2008. At present, U-Verse is available to about 5.5 million homes, but by end of 2008 that number will increase, helping U-Verse penetration.AT&T has forecasted 1 million new U-Verse subscribers for 2008. AT&T had 231,000 U-Verse subscribers at the end of 2007.