How to ‘run’ Windows Mobile 6.1 on your PC

Windows_mobile_logo_200I haven’t touched a Microsoft emulator since 2006 when I was playing with the UMPC simulation, so I’m about due for more fun and games. Up on the docket is the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, which is now available for your emulating enjoyment. Windows for Devices outlines the approach; it might sound complicated, but usually these official emulations are pretty simple to get going. You’ll need a PC running Windows XP or Vista, Virtual PC 2007, and of course, the WinMo 6.1 emulator. Virtual PC 2007 and the device emulator are free for the taking, so anyone with a PC and the requisite operating system can give this a go.I just might put XP back on the Asus Eee PC since the Professional edition of 6.1 supports devices with resolutions up to 800 x 480.