EconSM Countdown: Pushing Social Media Boundaries With Marketing And Advertising

imageAnother panel at our Economics of Social Media conference next week, probably on the most pertinent topic in the social media ecosystem: Is social media advertising a beacon of light or a train wreck? Social media has been blasting through the boundaries of online advertising as consumers engage and carry messages more easily than ever. From ad networks to immersive social brand marketing campaigns that are driving consumer engagement – marketers have more tools at their disposal than ever. How is the marketing landscape changing, where is the creative bar being set and how is engagement being measured?

Joanne Bradford, EVP of National Marketing Services, Spot Runner
Frank Cooper, VP-marketing, Pepsi-Cola North America
Patrick Keane, EVP and CMO, CBS (NYSE: CBS) Interactive
Jean-Philippe Maheu, Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy North America
Gordon Paddison, EVP of New Media and Marketing, New Line Cinema

Moderator: Larry Kramer, Senior Advisor, Polaris Venture Partners; Board Member, ContentNext Media

Come join us on April 28 evening and April 29th for the EconSM conference. See details here.