Apple Buys Non-Intel Chip Maker

I don’t think this will show up in tonight’s quarterly report, but Forbes is reporting that Apple bought chip company P.A. Semi with the apparent hopes to use them to create chips for the iPhone. Unsurprisingly, Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not comment on our purposes and plans.” Mr. Dowling, I realize that Apple doesn’t usually comment on any question that a news outlet might ask you, but how are we supposed to run Windows Mobile on our iPhones if you don’t tell go with a small Intel chip?

I jest, don’t attack!

This is interesting, though because Intel claims that its new mobile-targeted chips will be “central to handheld computing.” It seems that the purchase of this small (150 employees) company is to remind Intel that just because they are in Apple’s computers, doesn’t mean they will be in Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

I have never heard of P.A. Semi, but they created a super non-power-sucking 64-bit dual core microprocessor in February 2007 that they claim is 300-400 percent more efficient than other processors.

Apparently, negotiations with P.A. Semi took place at Steve Jobs’ home. If that is true, what does it take to get a meeting with Jobs at his home? I am no CEO, but that seems like a pretty big honor to be invited to a CEO’s home.

(via Forbes)