PodShow Relaunches as Mevio

PodShow is changing its name to Mevio and tomorrow will launch a revamped web site that includes more features for watchers and listeners of its content. We spoke with founder and CEO Ron Bloom earlier this week. Here’s a short video of him explaining Mevio, which he said was one of 200 or 300 names the company considered:

Mevio, whose other co-founder is former MTV VJ Adam Curry, was early on the podcasting-as-business bandwagon. It is trying to build a network of premium online content; shows include 11th Commandment, Dr. Cockney: International Sex Therapist and Geek Brief TV. We can’t go too easy on the company, though, as it has raised nearly $24 million in funding, and is currently raising more, according to Bloom. Finding traction in this market shouldn’t be that expensive.

The site’s saving grace is that it’s apparently experiencing strong growth. (However, publicly available traffic counters do not show this). Bloom said Omniture data shows the site attracted 8 million unique visitors in March, up from 200,000 a year ago. It now counts nearly 100 million video views per month.

What does make Mevio stand apart from the pack is that it does all its sales internally. It lists as advertisers Coca-Cola, Marie Claire, HP, Nokia, Go Daddy, eMusic, Cover Girl, Sony, Kmart, McDonalds, AMD and Unilever. The company also co-produces 300 of the 15,000 shows in its network and has exclusive selling and syndication rights for the rest.

Mevio’s new viewer- and listener-centric features include tools for members to program channels of content for others to experience. I haven’t seen the full version of the new interface yet, but what I did see looks a lot like MySpace profile pages. Whoo.

Bloom said PodShow, which has 55 employees, should be profitable by the end of this year.