Tellme it’s not true: Microsoft’s voice search on Blackberry before Windows Mobile

Application_moviesWindows Mobile does have and support voice-enabled functions, but this is an interesting twist. Due to better support for Java, Microsoft’s Tellme subsidiary is offering its voice search for Blackberry devices before it goes live on Windows Mobile handsets. Tellme keeps track of where you are through your phone’s GPS radio so your search results are local to where you are. Technically, they’re local to where your phone is, but I’m assuming your phone wasn’t lifted when you weren’t looking.Device owners can tap a button and speak their search query; in return, Tellme will offer local results using the Microsoft Live Search engine. It’s a freebie for several Blackberry Pearl and Curve models, with more to likely follow. Want to test the Tellme service without software? Just call 1-800-555-TELL to give it a whirl and see how the results are.(via CNN)