Print Bits: ABCe Gap Closing; Guardian vs; Monkey On Web

ABCe gap closing: Mirror Group Newspapers recorded four million unique users in March across its seven national news sites, its debut ABCe returns show. held top place with 18.7 million users but lost 816,112 users, Mail Online added 936,924 users to close the gap on 17.9 million, leaped 4.7 million to to 17 million, leapfrogging Times Online despite its growth to 16 million. Sun Online grew to 13.8 million in fifth. General picture – the gap is closing at the top.

Guardian: GMG chair Paul Myners criticised’s use of ads. That’s what The Guardian’s headline says, though Myners is not quoted making any direct reference to the site. He suggested BBC Worldwide raising revenue from ads meant competition for GMG. CEO Carolyn McCall previously told us similar in an interview. The government last year charged the BBC with raising more of its own funds from its commercial wing rather than get the license fee increase it wanted. This is essentially a spat between two British newsgatherers about overseas ad revenue – BBC News in the UK doesn’t run ads.

Monkey: Dennis Publishing’s page-turner digital men’s mag Monkey is getting a proper website next week. The mag is predominantly a digital edition mimicking a real printed magazine, but the new site will have “extra video material and a greater range of interactivity through features aiding the ability rate content and post comments”. Via