Jeff Pulver Steps Down From PulverMedia Board

Jeff Pulver said today that he has resigned from the board of Pulvermedia, the company he founded. Pulver is a pioneer in the VoIP world and Pulvermedia — the company behind the VON conferences and magazine — has been a rallying point in the VoIP community.

As Om reported last month, rumors have been swirling recently that Pulvermedia was being shut down. TICC Capitol Group, which invested $11 million in Pulvermedia last summer, had expressed concern over its financial state and seized control the company’s bank accounts. It was believed that Pulvermedia and senior management was trying to make moves to stabilize the company, and Pulver leaving at this stage in the game is not a good sign.

Who knows what the state of Internet telephony would be without Pulver’s accomplishments. There are no details yet as to where he’ll land next, but I’m sure he’ll have something exciting coming down the pike soon.

(full disclosure: Our columnist Daniel Berninger is a long-time business associate of Jeff Pulver’s.)