DISH Testing Mobile TV

DISH Networks is testing new equipment to enable TV transmission to mobile devices this summer, according to UBS analyst John Hodulik. The satellite company recently bought the nationwide E-block license with 6MHz capacity, which could be used for one-way TV broadcasts, and will be using the DVB-SH technology which broadcasts below the 3GHz frequency.

DVB-SH improves on DVB-H wireless, which the EU recently selected as its “official unofficial mobile television standard.” DVB-based technology uses over the air transmissions to send TV signals directly to mobile devices.

Here in the states, DVB faces competition from the likes of Qualcomm’s MediaFLO, which powers Verizon’s VCast, and the recently announced WiMax-based mobile TV delivery network coming from UDCast, LG Electronics and Harris.

Too bad studies keep showing that people in the United States don’t care about watching mobile TV.