Sosius Joins the Online Workspace Fray

ScreenshotThere are plenty of online workspaces out there, from project management tools to virtual desktops to white-label social networks. New entrant Sosius is trying to bring together tools for teams with a social networking spin to stand out. To get started, you can sign up for a free account and get 200MB of storage space for free. You also get the ability to invite other people to join your network, and a widgetized dashboard that helps you customize your view of the site and drill in deeper.

There are certainly plenty of features here: a file repository, calendars, tasks, RSS feeds, chat, discussion boards, and more. You can tag everything or get at it all through their APIs. They’re even planning to let third-party developers add applications to Sosius. Overall, the site seems to work well and flow easily, though the sheer number of features might be overwhelmin to some.