Tough Times For Cable Cos, Phone Cos & Dish Guys

The Wall Street Journal points out that advertising campaigns of cable companies, phone companies and satellite operators are turning downright nasty, with each group poking others in the eye. Comcast, in particular, has been making fun of AT&T’s Broadband and TV service, continuing the tradition it started with the Slowskys campaign. Now, Time Warner Cable, Verizon and Direct TV are joining the marketing version of mud slinging.

What it means: more spending on marketing. Whether they’re selling TV services or broadband connections, the incumbents will have to fight tooth-and-nail to get people to switch. It shouldn’t come as a surprise: The markets have reached a level of saturation where natural demand isn’t enough. The offerings from these incumbents aren’t that substantially different, and as a result their advertising messages have to be stuffed with hyperbole.

I find it amusing that they are throwing cow-patties at each other when they should be working on keeping their customers happy. I have yet to meet someone who says they love their cable company, phone company or satellite provider. Anyway, what is your favorite commercial from these companies?