Mobile TV Advertising Worth $2.44 Billion By 2012: Report

The market for rich media advertising on mobile — in the form of TV, video, games, user-generated content (UGC) and music — will reach $2.79 billion by 2012 predicts Screen Digest. The bulk of this will come from mobile TV advertising, tapped to hit $2.44 billion globally by that time, a figure which is pretty close to that predicted by Juniper. This is predicted to be more than 20 percent of mobile TV revenues, although there are bigger opportunities in free-to-air markets like Japan and South Korea rather than subscription markets like North America and Europe. Screen Digest warns that without its own metrics mobile TV “will struggle to be considered a stand alone advertising channel”. Mobile video-on-demand will claim $336. million by 2012. The other forms of rich media content aren’t predicted to bring in a lot of revenue, but will “provide a valuable source of innovative marketing opportunities for brands aspiring to connect and interact with their customers”. By 2012 60 million ad-funded games will be downloaded annually, predicts SD. (release)