GigaOM PM: Hadoop Meetup Livestreaming Tonight

Update: Our sister blog, OStatic live blogged the event. Their and my summary of the event with photos to follow soon. Thanks for coming to the event. As you might have guessed we are all a little tired this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Our first event for GigaOM PM, a meetup with open-source project Hadoop, has sold out, but we will be livestreaming it here, starting at 6:15 pm PT tonite.

GigaOM PM is a series of occasional meetups at which we will gather to discuss topical and important technology breakthroughs. Hadoop is sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation, and is subsequently able to take advantage of huge clusters of computers to produce fast results for queries and more. We’ll hear from Doug Cutting, head of the Hadoop Project; Eric Baldeschwieler, VP of grid computing at Yahoo; Larry Heck, VP of search and advertising sciences at Yahoo; and Chad Walters, director of engineering, search and platform at Powerset.

If youโ€™re interested in becoming part of the GigaOM PM series โ€” that is, if you want to suggest some technologies on which to focus โ€” please get in touch with us at info at gigaom dot com. For other inquiries, such as sponsorship opportunities, e-mail events at gigaom dot com.