Sync RTM tasks on BlackBerry devices: MilkSync

MilksyncblackberryRegular readers know we’re basically obsessed with data synchronization around here. In our defense, we’d be crazy not to since we use different devices for different tasks. The last thing a mobile warrior wants is to have a piece of data tied to a specific device… particularly when they’re not using the device that has the data they need.Remember the Milk, a web-based task management service, adds yet another option in this vein and this time, it’s the BlackBerry device owners that benefit. MilkSync for BlackBerry keeps your tasks in sync between your Remember the Milk account and your ‘Berry. The application requires an RTM Pro Account, which is $25 a year, but you can try the application free for 15-days. MilkSync doesn’t just sync all your tasks (unless you want it to), you can control which Task lists are synched; useful if you want to keep Work and Personal tasks separate, for example.