Scrabulous To Launch Orkut App In The Next Few Days

Scrabulous, the Scrabble-like game and Facebook application from Kolkata based Agarwalla brothers, which hit the headlines after Hasbro and Mattel accused them of copyright violations, is all set to make its Orkut debut. Orkut launched applications last month. Jayant Agarwalla, VP (Business Development & Marketing) told contentSutra that the app will be launched in the next few days [via DNA]. Scrabulous is reportedly the fifth most popular application on Facebook, and has 3 million registered users. Will be interesting to see if it gets the same kind of response on Facebook as well. They’re also planning to launch their Chess game – ChessPro on Orkut.

The situation with Hasbro and Mattel may not have been resolved yet, and things appear to have been in a limbo for a while now. I asked Agarwala about how they think the Scrabulous launch on Facebook will change things, and we’re expecting an emailed response from them. My take: the more the number of users that Scrabulous garners, the more difficult it will be for Mattel, Hasbro and Real Networks to shut it down. The more the users, the higher the valuation of Scrabulous, right? Maybe there’s a plus side to controversy after all. Meanwhile, here’s an interesting writeup on the Scrabulous story. Our coverage in the related links.