E2T Week in Review

It was an exciting week with lots of Q1 reports coming out and a late week partnership between auto giant GM and biofuel startup Mascoma. In case you missed some of the ups and downs in the cleantech world this week we’ve gathered the top news from the week here.

The House That Twitters Its Energy Use: There are plenty of startups working on energy dashboards for your house but most are a few years away from market. One IBM engineer has jerry-rigged a real time feed back system using Twitter to broadcast his home’s energy status.

Greenbox: Flash Creators Tackle Energy in the Home: Jonathan Gay and Robert Tatsumi, the co-creators of the popular online video format Flash, are putting their efforts into a new startup to make an energy dashboard for your home. With their track record we’re excited to see what GreenBox does.

8 Offbeat Hurdles for Solar Power Plants: There are plenty of big challenges left for solar power but perhaps you hadn’t considered the smaller obstacles like endangered lizards, dust storms and sacred spiritual grounds.

Silver Spring Networks: The Cisco of Smart Grid?: Smartening the grid will be a large, collaborative effort. Silver Spring is currently constructing an open infrastructure built on Internet Protocol allowing a variety of players to build devices and services for a smarter, more energy efficient grid.

Analysts Haggle Over First Solar’s Price: Following a good first quarter, First Solar’s stock had a tumultuous week but Wall Street can’t agree why. Find out what Earth2Tech thinks here.