Six-figures to minimum wage: a year later

With this tweet a year ago today, I left behind my 15-year, corporate Information Technology career. I also left a chunky paycheck, hence the pithy post title, but I seriously wouldn’t change a thing. This year has been one of the most enjoyable in my working life. This has been an interesting “leap of faith”. Many of you expressed support and well wishes when I finally came out of the closet and announced myself as a full-time blogger. For that kindness and the many supportive remarks over the past year, I sincerely thank you.There’s also no way I could have taken this path without Barb’s support. She helped me devise a two-year plan so I could make this attempt and she’s shouldering more of our financial burden as I find my way. When we both had steady paychecks, we split the home expenses 50-50, but it’s been more like 70-30 this past year. I’ve operated in the red each and every month, but slowly and surely the amount of red is decreasing. Since so many people have asked me privately, I should point out that I funded this attempt on my own. In essence, I “bet on myself”, by taking some funds from retirement and channeling them into my business account. If it doesn’t pan out, I have other retirement vehicles and of course, it will be back to the job pool. I’m hoping of course, that doesn’t happen.Thanks again to all of you, because without the readers and the conversation here, I wouldn’t have a personal anniversary to celebrate today. As I’ve said to a number of folks via e-mail: without the readers, my writing has no purpose; it’s just a bunch of words at that point. My sincere gratitude goes out to you all! Thanks too to James for allowing me to participate with him on a topic that we’re very passionate about.Aside from the humbling feeling knowing that I get to be a small part of so many people’s lives, I hope you can find some strength, hope and resolve to take risks in your own life. Don’t wait around and let life happen to you: go live it!