X300 ThinkPad: One Week Later

Dan Farber has a new home for his blog, Outside The Lines. I was reading it using the best Windows RSS reader, FeedDemon, this morning when I stumbled upon this little video by Lenovo that pokes fun of the MacBook Air. Funny stuff! It also reminded me that I needed to share my early impressions of this new device. First, it has been great to have it around since I am watching the Twenty20 cricket tournament that is going on in India right now.

Willow.tv only works on a PC and Internet Explorer, which is seriously lame. Still, it has forced me to use ThinkPad X300 for about four hours a day, and I can understand why people rave about solid-state hard drives. This machine (running Windows XP) is fast — and I mean fast — for basic computing (or the cloud computing tasks we typically do these days.) I wish I had a Macbook Air with SSD to do a one-on-one comparison.

My very quick take after spending a week with X300: If you are looking for an ultra-portable with a great keyboard, decent screen, you like using Windows XP and money is no object, then there is no way you can go wrong with x300. Automattic CEO Toni Schneider just got one.