Verizon to Power Qwest Wireless

In what looks like yet another blow to Sprint, Qwest said today it will resell/re-offer Verizon Wireless’ services to its customers in a four-play package. Residential customers will be able to choose wireless only and be billed directly by Verizon Wireless, or include Verizon Wireless service as part of a Qwest bundle with their home phone, Internet and video services and receive one bill from Qwest for all of them.

When I asked Qwest CEO Ed Mueller back in March if they would buy a wireless operator like Sprint, his answer was no. “All we want to do is partner with a national wireless player where we can rebrand and remarket their service to our customer base. We are ambivalent about the technology but we want a partner with retail presence,” he had added. The quid pro quo of the deal: Verizon and Qwest will partner up and bid for government contracts, a very lucrative business indeed.