Open Thread: Are You Staying Home More?

Gasoline approaching $4 per gallon in the USA. Airlines and the TSA putting new limits on carry-on luggage. Baggage-handling disasters. Concerns over the environmental impact of airplanes. It seems as if every day there’s a new reason out there not to travel – and that’s not even counting the efficiency benefits of a schedule without travel time.

But meanwhile, some web workers are attracted to a lifestyle that lets them work anywhere – which means traveling from place to place. Others of us have commitments that require attending meetings or conferences in far-away cities. And of course there are plenty of office-based web workers who commute in the physical, rather than the tele-, sense.How are you reconciling these conflicting pressures in your own web work? Is the increasing cost and difficulty of long-distance travel causing you to postpone or cancel trips? What are you doing to replace the benefits of being there in person? Success stories – or horror stories – are welcome in the comments.