The Fastest 3G Connection in Austria Hits 10.1 Mbps

Mobilkom austria recently made the fastest data call with a mobile device using the pioneering Internet High Speed Packet Access (I-HSPA) technology from Nokia Siemens Networks. Stelera Wireless, a small U.S. operator, launched data services in rural Texas using this technology as well.

During the trial, the data transmission downlink speed reached 10.1 Mbps. I-HSPA will be capable of data transmission rates over 10.1 Mbps, NSN claims. The I-HSPA functionality is designed for heavy data and rich multimedia usage over the wireless network. I-HSPA connects 3G base stations directly to the Internet, enables cost-efficient scaling of the network, works with all HSPA devices and improves end user experience by reducing latency. I-HSPA flat network architecture also enables smooth migration to LTE.