Weekend Video: Radio One’s ‘Band In Your Hand’ Festival Candy

BBC Radio 1 is trying out some new things around its One Big Weekend festival in Maidstone, Kent, this weekend. Last year, the station made up a character to play out an alternate reality game (ARG). This time, it’s trying Band In Your Hand. Users not present at the mini-festival can print out a Radio 1 logo which, when shown to a webcam, will project a Fratellis gig, like this…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLahYcb7Ppg&hl=en]

Meanwhile, Bebo will shoot an episode of its KateModern interactive video drama at the One Big Weekend, featuring the catchy and annoying band Scouting For Girls. The BBC has established a profile for the event on the social net. Release via Angel Gambino.