iPhone Out-of-Stock Rumors and Buzz

Probably like most of you, I have been reading post after post and article after article about how the 3G iPhone is right around the corner because the Edge iPhone is listed as “currently unavailable” in the Store.

Of course, saying that this means our beloved iPhone won’t be making a return to the shelfs until the imminent release of the 3G version is pure speculation. It is also entirely possible and perhaps plausible.

As with any business where you update product lines with new models, it makes sense to start shortening the stock before the hype of a new release starts drastically hurting sales. In my opinion, this could very well be just a mismatch of timing on Apple’s part. It’s not logical to keep pumping out iPhones when there’s stock on the shelves that needs buying and a new (better) model is just around the corner.

The theory might also be evidenced by the fact that, according to this ARS Technica post, there were apparently some shortages of iPhones by UK reseller O2 earlier this week (although temporary). However, ARSt doesn’t think these developments are necessarily a rock-solid indication of new iPhones right away but admitted that “there is at least some circumstantial evidence that iPhones could be running out.”

Previously there have been temporary shipping setbacks of between 5 to 10 days on new orders — depending on where you’re reading. The good old physical world Apple Retail Stores seem to be doing OK with supplies though. I called 2 local stores here in South Florida and they both said they were perfectly fine on the iPhone front. Remember though, this is precisely the extra old shelf stock they should be liquidating.

Over at AppleInsider, the somewhat blunt opinion is that “most analysts and observers now estimate that Apple will only truly recover from the shortages with the launch of its next-generation iPhone, which is widely predicted to surface in June.”

Like I said before, this seems logical. Cut back on (or stop) production and sell out as much iPhone stock as possible to release the brand-spanking new version. The question is, did Apple just get the timing wrong and ran out in some markets a little prematurely or is iPhone 2.0 coming even sooner than expected?