Monster.Com CEO: ‘Ad Business Has Slowed Down Because We Slowed It Down’ CEO Sal Iunuzzi says the job site’s outlook for ad growth is slow this year but it’s not a surprise. He told the WSJ: I think the ad business has slowed down because we slowed it down. We took a lot of ads down. I think there is bigger opportunity putting the ads on a wider band of sites. Suppose I create a [a Monster site in the U.S.] for France, for the U.K., for the Netherlands, Germany, etc. Not only is it growth in my recruiting businesses, but that’s where I can get a lot of growth for my advertising business.” (No mention about’s efforts to work with newspapers or how any of the site’s partners might feel about deliberately slowed growth.)

As for pressure for social nets for professionals like LinkedIn: “It’s interesting, but it is not a replacement for what Monster does or what Monster is trying to bring to the table.”

Iunuzzi also talked about the problems with his company’s own product when he was brought in last year: “One of my own people put in for a job, went online and tried to look for a job as a head of HR. The responses he got [included some] for hairdressers, a manicurist, things like that. Now that we’ve fixed that, the number of responses to a job search has more than doubled, and they are jobs that make sense.”