Coming Soon, HBO on iTunes?

I have had a cable TV-free life for almost over a year, though I did subscribed to it when my mother was visiting earlier this year when I was unwell. I have not missed it – though I do miss the thrill of watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart live. The jokes somehow seem funnier. Apart from that, the only other thing I miss watching was Entourage and a few other HBO shows. Not anymore. reports that HBO shows and movies are going to be available on iTunes very soon. The shows are going to be more expensive (because HBO wants a bigger slice of the monies.) My Apple TV is becoming incrementally useable by the month [insert sarcasm]. For HBO, this move could help overcome some of its past broadband TV mistakes. As an aside, thanks to iTunes, I am now seriously addicted to “The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman.”

HBO’s decision is yet another sign that large video content owners are finally realizing that they can make money off online video downloads and advertising. NewTeeVee has a curtain raiser on the role digital is going to play at this year’s upfronts in New York.