The Daily Sprout

SF Green Cleantech Meeting Tonight: If you’re in the San Francisco area this evening you should swing by the SF Green event where the big shot cleantech entrepreneurs and VCs will be on hand, showing off their companies, their wares and their thoughts – VentureBeat.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Biofuels: As the food vs. fuel debate rages on, you’ve got to get savvier about which feedstocks are being used for biofuels. This handy chart is a great biofuel cheat sheet – Seattle Post-Intelligencer via Treehugger.

Spiraling Water Filter Uses No Membrane: Using centrifugal force instead of a troublesome membrane, researchers at the Palo Alto Research Center have developed a spiral concentrator that can continuously clean water powered by a solar panel with no messy filters to change – MIT Technology Review.

SF Should Consider Non-Fossil Peaker Alternatives: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will consider a proposed plan tomorrow to replace the Mirant power plant with three news fossil fuel-burning plants. We need to look at some alternatives but none have been put up – SFGate.

Turn CO2 Into Paper: Carbon Sciences is marketing their carbon capture process to the paper industry who can use calcium carbonate as an additive in paper manufacture – CNet News.