Apps Like TwitterFone Signal the Future?

Business Week speculated on Why Twitter Matters, suggesting that its ‘large and vigorous developer community’ has already positioned the service as an innovative messaging platform.

Like other classic platform strategies, Twitter is not only providing a compelling user experience, but coupling this to a comprehensive developer toolkit.

Innovation on the Twitter platform continues with the recent launch of Cubic Telecom’s TwitterFone, a cute voice interface for Twitter, that enables users to record a short voice message using their cellphone, have the message transcribed to text and then twittered to the public timeline, including a link to the original voice message.

For Web Workers Twitterfone may seem to be nothing that can dramatically enhance productivity or mobility – unless your a mobile micro-podcaster! – but when coupled with the growing universe of Twitter applications, it’s not difficult to see its utility and value.

For example, using Twitter’s timer bot, it’s possible to quickly ‘phone’ in a time-sensitive reminder to one’s self – like refilling a parking meter. Enterprising developers are already experimenting with home automation applications using Twitter. It’s possible to envisage remote workers phoning in commands to various household appliances and systems.

A great many web workers do indeed utilise Twitter simply as a service for status updates to signal their location, the status of progress on a work task and to keep coworkers updated. It’s quite exciting to consider where such interactions may take place between human and machine and whether multi-modal voice and screen based applications will emerge from the Twitter platform.