Let’s Talk About Data Portability/Interoperability:

Weather in San Francisco Bay Area is especially nice and is likely to remain that way for a while. It makes perfect sense to sit outside and talk about the hottest topic to hit the Innerwebs: Data portability/interoperability. Whether it is Facebook, MySpace or Google, each has been coming up with ways to control the user. Somehow the noise has gotten ahead of the fact, and I would like to meet smart people about this over the weekend.

A frank conversation with non-conflicted parties that would help me write smarter and conceptually sound posts going forward. I propose: 2.30 PM at Starbucks on Clay & Battery in San Francisco on Sunday, May 18th, 2008. I will buy coffee and cakes, but please don’t pitch me your company. I want some honesty about this topic.

Looks like there is a lot of debate about this today. Check out Techmeme. I have confirmation from various folks including Marc Canter who has been a lightening rod on this issue for a while.