MOJO’s The Circuit: Pretty Good, Actually

Seems like anyone with a green screen and a sarcastic demeanor is starting up their own news show, especially tech news shows, which is why I was hesitant to check out MOJO’s The Circuit. But it’s actually pretty good.

The topics are your basic tech/geek fare — computers, comic books, robots — and the format is just like the news on Saturday Night Live or the start of The Daily Show — news-joke-news-joke. But host Deepak Ananthapadmanabha has an easy on-screen presence and good timing with his gags. He’s funny, but not over the top, and he’s geeky (publicly coveting Thor’s hammer), but not so much so that he’s not relatable. And head writer Yuri Baranovsky (of Break a Leg) shows he can do more than sitcoms.

Like any show, the humor is hit-and-miss. The tagline “Word to Your Motherboard” seems outdated, the opening credits are kinda lame, and sometimes they take the obvious route, but who among us doesn’t? The other bits are laugh-out-loud funny (monkeys doing cocaine = awesome).

I may not keep up with The Circuit each week (new episodes on Tuesday), but if the first batch of episodes are any indication, I’ll always enjoy it.