Apple Sold 66% of Computers over $1000

NPD is reporting that although Apple only has 14% share of the overall computer market, when it comes to computers over $1000, Apple is king, selling 66% of the total computers sold. It certainly helps that the only computer you can get for less than ten Benjamins is the Mac Mini. But if you upgrade the Mini or buy a monitor, you are up over $1000 pretty fast.

Doing a little bit of fuzzy math, it seems that only around 12% of people even buy a computer that expensive. The price point could be Apple’s biggest competitor. When people are looking for a computer to surf the web, send email, and maybe do some word processing, spending $500 is probably a lot more enticing than double that amount. A Mac around the price of a 16GB iPhone might help Apple’s overall market share really grow.

These numbers are all for brick and mortar stores. It does not include online purchases.

[via eWeek]