When Outlook Gets Personal, It Gets Clear Context

ClearContext, a San Francisco-based start-up whose Outlook inbox management plugin was recommended by us in the past, has released the beta of their product of ClearContext Personal. It is also a free Outlook add-in that help organize email and inbox management. There are a bunch of start-ups that are trying to address the issue of email overload, and at the same using it the inbox as a starting point for a highly social network.

One really good reason to download this app: it automatically sort emails from a wide variety of applications and websites into nice little folders. You can quickly see how many Facebook messages or Evite invitations you got. Mind you those alerts are the biggest annoyance in any InBox. There are other new features such as one that makes Outlook messages appear as threaded conversations, something we Mac’s Mail.app users are quite used to. Anyway this is one Outlook add-in worthy of your time. Enter “gigaom” for immediate download.