Are you a StartupAgent?

If you don’t work like a deskbound “knowledge worker,” why would you look for next big thing at at a traditional job board?

That’s the question StartupAgents is those who are ready to jump into the world of startup software companies will be asking.

StartupAgents is a new job board catering especially to startup companies in the areas of:

  • Software (Consumer, Enterprise, Mobile)
  • Hardware (Communications, Networking, Semiconductors)
  • Life Sciences (Medical Devices, Biotechnology)
  • Nanotechnology
  • Greentechnology / Cleantechnology

And to the people who want to work on the bleeding edge and are open – eager even – to get equity, not just a paycheck.

As you might guess, StartupAgents is itself a startup, with just 200 agents (that’s you) and 20 startups who can peruse you profile, check your resume, skills and attitude (a healthy appetite for unhealthy long workdays helps). If they like what they see, get in touch.

“The idea came to be while I was working at Silicon Valley Bank,” said Lee Diamond, StartupAgents founder. “I heard time and time again from my clients, who where all venture backed software startups, that they were having a tough time finding talent. After doing some market research, such as interviews with management at startups, VCs, and those looking to join a startup team, I found that the existing tools and resources did not suffice. After some brainstorming I went back to many of those I interviewed with the idea for StartupAgents. They all said that if you build it we will use it.”

StartupAgents asks five questions of every agent that signs-up: 1) Do you feel comfortable in a fast-paced, always-on, highly ambiguous environment? 2) Does the idea of working tirelessly to help accomplish a mission you are passionate about excite you? 3) Are you willing to take on responsibilities that does not match your job description? 4) Are you willing to accept compensation in the form of equity? 5) Do you adapt well to change?

According to Diamond: “StartupAgents attracts a specific personality that is comfortable answering yes to all these questions. There is no other place (Monster, Dice, or LinkedIn) where such personalities can be found.”